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Welcome to the Official QQme Forums

This will help you get to know our faction's history and other pertinent information prior to submitting an application. Currently, our level requirement is 102+, and assassins must be 103+. We also have a minimum gear requirement of Nirvana T3 with refines at least +5 (some exceptions for Archers and Sins-Please see an officer for further details).

Class Requirements

QQme has a long history. Originally on Raging Tides server, QQme is now on the newly merged Tideswell server. We ARE a TW faction, PK is also an important part of the everyday life in the guild. We have a max-leveled base and encourage our members to keep doing dailies to take advantage of the base benefits.

We strive to participate in all game events like Territory Wars, Tournament, Trials, Celestial Tigers, Nation Wars, Trophy Modes, Primal- and World Bosses, and anxiously look forward to upcoming server wars. During these events, our goal is to work together as a faction to build team spirit and have an overall fun experience. In addition to these server-wide events, we also enjoy creating our own events where only guild members can participate. Occasionally, we extend these events out to the server to facilitate a fun environment for everyone.

As we do for events we often run other instances such as FWS, Lunar, TTs, FC, FS, BHs, FS:J, etc.

Our current leader is seeler. She gets help from our officer core, so any member can feel free to talk to any of the officers should they have questions.

Leader: seeler
Director: Clergywoman
Marshals: MrsEdiger, Clubber
Executors: AristotIeX, Cenrick, LuthienTay, DomianaReigns, silversbunny, ll_Mist_ll, BabieTanker, and BrunOKpTA.

Faction decisions are made primarily through democracy. This includes a voting system on the applications among other decisions. We try to encourage our members to speak their mind and feel free to contact anyone for help. We value everyone's opinion and expect that our members respect each others opinions. We also have a system by which the faction is run with four departments. Each department is responsible for certain tasks involving faction duties. So whenever you need assistance and guidance, direct your questions to our officers and certainly, they’ll be able to help you. Our officers are very knowledgeable of the game and its mechanics; however, should they not have an answer they'll certainly find it.

There is no "drama free" faction, however, it CAN BE and IS a goal for QQme. People can feel free to disagree as long as they do it diplomatically, in an open-minded and respectful way. At QQme, our desire is to solve every problem efficiently, avoiding more drama connected to the same problem. Officers have and will always be available to assist any one through a misunderstanding between members.

We don't expect anyone to stay with us forever, but we'd like you to really consider if this is where you'd like to be BEFORE you apply. We WANT people to remain here, loyal to QQme, and happy playing here as part of a family. The most important thing is to find your niche, and fulfill your needs as well as fulfill the needs of your faction. As a result, you will not only feel wanted, but a sense of accomplishment and have goals to strive for.

If you have found this thread useful and are considering submitting an application please click on this link below:

Apply and Sign Up

One IMPORTANT ASPECT is the inclusion of a PWCalc in the application, if you need any help please check out this link:

Using PW calculator

Hope to see you soon with us in QQme!

Welcome to all new members! Please peruse the forums and get to know QQme! Also make sure you have vent set up prior to any TW's.

Announcements from seeler:

It is our policy that each member attend at least ONE THIRD (1/3) of the monthly TW's.

All TW participants MUST log onto vent to listen for commands. If you signed up but are NOT squaded for TW, you MUST join the Filler Squad and wait to be assigned by the Filler Squad Leader. If you don't sign up for TW, you will not be squaded and you will not be eligible for the raffle, but in order to be assigned to a squad, you must join the Filler Squad and wait for an assignment by the Filler Squad Leader. Please make sure you can move from room to room on vent, at least 24 hours prior to TW.

Do not enter TW without a squad, doing so is grounds for removal from the faction.

yours truly,

Returning to QQme
If you are looking to return to QQme and it's been less than three months, reapply with the mini-application. Just respond to a few questions and submit.

QQme Mini-Application

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